Life Lately

Life has been insane for the past 27 days. I actually can't believe what I'm about to recap has happened in the past 27 days. 

The Move:
27 days ago, on June 1, Brian and I were still living in San Francisco in our cute, little apartment on Pacific Avenue. Tiny and expensive, but cute. Well, a storm came around noon when our packers arrived and began disassemling our lives, box by box. They packed all our stuff and loaded it onto the van in about 9 hours. A very, very exhausing 9 hours. Both for them and for us. Around 10pm, we had only a few things left: a couple of suitcases, a few dozen cases of wine, sheets and pillows, a cooler full of snacks for the road trip ahead, and an empty apartment. We said goodbye to our California home and hit the road.

The Roadtrip:
Day 1: San Francisco --> Sacramento
We only made it a few hours, out to Sacramento. Enough to get us out of the city and feel like we were really on our way to Chicago. 

Day 2: Sacramento --> Salt Lake City
This was our first real day of driving across the country. So, we did this road trip in a very hurried fashion. There was no sight seeing to be had. Brian had a job to start on Monday, and we were still in California on Thursday. We chugged along and made it to SLC by Thursday night, where we stopped to visit one of my BFFs, Kelsey and her family. 

Day 3: Salt Lake City --> Omaha
The drive got decidedly less beautiful on this leg. From California to SLC, it was all mountains and beautiful landscape. Nebraska got a little flatter. We put in a good 13 hour day, binging on country music and Serial (roadtrip equivalent to Nexflix binging). 

Day 4: Omaha --> Chicago
We made it. Brian had already found an apartment for us, so when we arrived in Chicago, we had an empty home to welcome us. But fear not, we had a pull-out couch and TV delivered, so we were basically all set. My parents also happened to be in town that weekend to help move my sister into her new apartment. It felt like home immediately. So many friends and family around to welcome us back to our favorite city.

Well, I was in Chicago for 14 days before I had to leave. In those 14 days our movers came and dropped off our stuff. We unpacked and organized everything (Brian is the king of making things fit into a new place when we move). I continued my job in a new office and Brian started a new one. Our friends threw us welcome back parties. I'm sad to say there was very little time for us to relax and take it all in (so far). 

So after 14 days, we got on a plane and headed south to Charleston South Carolina for Brian's friend's wedding. The wedding was on a Tuesday, and when we originally made the plans we were thinking we'd be traveling from California, so we had made a trip of it. We got a cute little AirBnB right on the beach, and relaxed, got burnt and ate lots of fish for 3 days before the wedding. It was a cute little beach wedding with pizza food trucks and smores. So much fun. Then, Brian and I had to part ways. Brian back home to Chicago, and me on a plane to Ireland for work.

OH! And the Cavs won while we were in Charleston. Woot!

Here I am in Dublin. So tired, and getting over a bout of pink eye. What adult gets pink eye?? Probably an adult that needs to sit still for a few days. Anyhow, I'm in Dublin for 10 days for work. I got here last week, and I leave on Friday for home. I spent this past weekend exploring Dublin and made a trip out to Howth, which is a little Fisherman's town about 30 minutes north of Dublin by train. It was a good and relaxing weekend, as I was pretty much on my own. I think this is the one time I'm thankful I wasn't with anyone else so I could go at my own pace. 

What's next?
4th of July festivities next weekend, and then the biggest event of the summer. We're heading back to Medina because Eileen (my sister) is getting married on July 9. I cannot wait to get back home to be with the family and start the celebrations! Stay tuned!

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