All About Greek Yogurt: Italian Sausage and Tomtato Risotto

I can't stop using Greek yogurt in every dish I make these days. It's good in everything. It adds a layer of creamy flavor without adding tons of calories like cheeses or creams. I'm all about a good risotto and wish yummy, fresh tomatoes from the market, this dish is awesome.

Italian Sausage and Tomtato Risotto
makes 4 servings

1 cup Arboria rice
1 link spicy Italian sausage (casing removed)
2 shallots (diced)
5 cloves garlic (minced)
2 large tomatoes (diced)
3/4 cup dry white wine
3 cups chicken stock (low sodium or homemade)
1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
1/2 cup plain Greek togurt
salt and pepper
olive oil

In a large sauce pan, heat 1 tbsp olive oil over medium high heat. Add sausage and break up into little pieces. Cook for 7 minutes until sausage has browned up. 

Lower heat to medium and add 3/4 of the shallots and garlic, 1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes, salt and pepper to sausage and cook for 5 minutes. Add tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes. Add white wine, chicken stock and salt and bring to a simmer.

As liquid comes to a simmer heat olive oil in a separate saute pan over medium heat. Add remaining shallots and garlic, salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes. Add Arborio rice and cook for 3 minutes. 

Adding 1 cup at a time, add liquid to rice. Allow liquid to absorb about 90% of the way before adding another cup. You want to be mixing the majority of the time once you've added a new ladle of liquid. As you add the liquid, make sure you're also adding the sausage and tomatoes.

Add liquid until the rice is cooked through. It might not take all the liquid. Make sure, even if you don't add all the liquic, to add all the tomato and sausage. 

Turn off heat and stir in Greek yogurt. Taste and adjust salt as necessary.

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