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Cooper Patrick

My goodness, how time flies. I had every intention of writing a post about the newest addition to our family earlier. But then I became a mom, and here I am 5 weeks later writing. Whether anyone reads this or not, it's a way for me to write down and remember the story of how Cooper came into our lives on January 29, at 4:51am weighing in at 6 lbs 12 oz. 

Let's start in California, where our little man was created. Yes it's true. Cooper was conceived in San Francisco little to our knowledge sometime in May 2016. Early June, Brian and I hit the road and moved back to Chicago with the little nugget growing in my belly. About 4 days into living in Chicago we found out that we were pregnant. Crazy, right? It couldn't have worked out any better though. We are close to Ohio, which means close to parents, but more importantly, we have a huge network of friends in Chicago, most of whom also have little babies. 
Then there was pregnant Katie. I was a very lucky lady for those 9…

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