The Honeymoon: Greece

Now that we've been home for two weeks, I'll just go ahead with a little recap of the honeymoon. I know you guys probably saw the millions on pictures we posted on Instagram, but I wanted to document some more of it so I can look back someday and see it all together. 

Our first stop was Greece. We flew from San Francisco to Athens before hopping on a ferry to Mykonos. We spent approximately 12 hours in Athens before heading south. We made a quick trip to the Parthenon around sunset and had dinner at our hotel at their rooftop restaurant. The next morning we boarded a ferry to Mykonons at 7am, and that's where the real fun began.

Next stop, Mykonos! We stayed at the amazing Santa Marina Resort and it was pure heaven. We made sure the hotel knew we were on our honeymoon and they upgraded us to a suite with a private infinity pool. Talk about being spoiled. The hotel has a private beach, which is super rare in Mykonos. We rented an ATV to get around the island and had such a blast exploring the beautiful white houses and views of the Aegean Sea. Of course, we ate tons of yummy Greek food and did our fair share of relaxing.

One of our favorite parts of our honeymoon was the journal we kept. Brian gave me a really cool leather notebook on our wedding day to use to capture our adventures, the first being our wedding. Each day of our honeymoon we took a Polaroid and kept a journal of where we were and what we were doing.

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