Watermelon Fizz

So, watermelon juice/ water is insanely easy to make. I strongly encourage you guys to try it. After seeing watermelon drinks on menus all over San Francisco I decided I had to make my own.

Using 1 small, seedless watermelon gave me an entire quart of water. One watermelon goes a long way. This recipe can be adapted to make a tasty adult beverage for those hot summer days and nights, or keep it simple and make a watermelon fizz for you and the kids.

Watermelon Fizz
makes ~8 glasses

1 small - medium seedless watermelon
1 container sparking water (not flavored)
ice cubes
rosemary sprigs 
simple syrup (optional if watermelon is not very sweet)
Vodka (optional - 1 shot per glass)

Start by removing the rind from the watermelon. Cut the top and bottom off the watermelon so it can sit without rolling around. Cut the rind off so you have one big watermelon ball without and green. 

Cut watermelon up into cubes and pop into a food processor or blender. You might need to work in batches so it doesn't overflow. Pulse until the watermelon is as smooth as it will get. Pour the juice through a fine mesh sieve into a large bowl. Repeat until all watermelon has gone through the food processor and been strained.

You will likely need to help the juice get through the sieve so move it around until only the pulp is left.

At this point, taste the juice. Mine was perfectly sweet and needed no additional sweetener. 

If your watermelon isn't as sweet make some simple syrup. 1/2 cup water mixed with 1/2 cup sugar and bring to a simmer. Let cool. Add a small amount the watermelon juice and taste. Add until it has reached desired sweetness.

To make the watermelon fizz: Add a few small ice cubes, fill 1/2 way with watermelon water and fill the rest with sparkling water. Garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary and a fun straw.

Kick up the fizz by adding a shot of vodka to the ice cubes before adding the watermelon juice. Stir and serve!

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