Life as a non-Blogger this Winter

Yep, I've basically been a non-blogger this Winter. Isn't this the season where we're supposed to hibernate, cook warm stews and get fat? Yea, I thought so too. Well instead, I've been coerced into signing up for a half and full marathon (kind of excited, kind of petrified for the full). I've been traveling all over the place: Arizona for the holidays, Madrid, Kentucky and Guadalajara for work, and Vail for a little skiing vacation with Brian. The weekends and free time in between all this crazy travel and work, have been spent doing very little cooking. I have been feasting on some tasty food, don't you worry. I'm not starving or anything. So here's a little glimpse into my life over the past 3 months. Hence, very little blogging. In the absence of any real time to cook and blog, I've put together a little photo montage of my life these days. 

Let's start with Christmas, because it hasn't slowed down since then. We had a little Southwest themed Christmas this year in Arizona. Did some amazing site seeing at the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and ate a little food, too.

Then all my favorite people came to Chicago to visit for New Years! But don't worry, it doesn't stop there.

A couple weeks later, I packed my bags and left for Spain for work for a while. Oh yea, and let's not forget that Maria made me sign up for a marathon. I know it's not until October, but the anxiety is still there.

Like a good American, I made it home in time for the Superbowl. And, because I desperately wanted to use a kitchen, Brian and I decided to host a little party. Complete with a specialized Beam cocktail for the 46th Superbowl. A Maker's 46 with ginger ale and fresh lemon juice. Super delicious! We also made some pimento cheese stuffed sliders (thank you for that wonderful invention Columbia) and my world famous pozole, as a chili substitute.

Well that bring us up to February. Since the beginning of February, I've been in Kentucky for a week, Vail for a weekend of skiing, and in Guadalajara for a week of work. So please remember that as much angst as you may have from not being updated daily on my kitchen adventures, I suffer with you my friends. March will slow down, and my life will return to normal (minus bread and pasta... Lent.) So be on the look out for some carb friendly recipes in the near future!

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