Best. Burgers. Ever.

You don't have to believe me if you don't want, but DMK Burger Bar has the best burgers in the world. It's no secret among Chicagoans that this place rocks, and I'm not the first person to write about DMK, but I really just wanted to talk about it because it is THAT good.

Last week my dad was in town and my sis and mom gave us a ring to say hello. They were just returning from dinner at Michael Simon's B Spot in Strongsville, Ohio. Out of pure jealousy, I knew I had to take my dad to DMK or my burger craving would never cease.

Now, there's no way I can do these burgers justice by trying to describe what they taste like, but I'm going to give you a little glimpse (for all you crazy people out there that haven't already been). The melt-in-your-mouth, (literally) grass fed patties are stacked on top of fresh baked buns (light as air) and topped with the finest of ingredients (hot dog is a legit topping). If you have never had a grass fed beef burger, I highly suggest you do. It's not like the ground beef you're used to. It's lighter and less dense, but much more flavorful and juicy. Perhaps due to the fact that it's not loaded with hormones and crap. 

I went with a traditional burger (lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, etc.) and my dad and Brian won the ordering contest with the roasted hatch green chili, fried egg, jack cheese and smoked bacon. OMG so good. I want it now. 

So what if you don't eat beef or meat? The veggie burger is amazing (I can personally vouch) and they have a whole variety of patties like turkey, lamb and salmon. And for goodness sake people, don't forget the fries! Or the fried okra and pickles. It's all good.....especially when they give you an ice cream sammy on the house!! Thanks, DMK!! I probably would have written a horrible review without it :)

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