San Soo Gab San

I wanted to make sure I gave a little shout out to San Soo Gab San. Since being back in the States, I've had Korean food a few times, and this was the most satisfying so far. For all you out there who have been abroad and lived on some foreign cuisine for several weeks, months or years at a time, you know what it's like coming back home.

It's hard to replicate what Chinese food is really like in the middle of the Sichuan Province or what Mexican food is like in the state of Nuevo León, if you're not in those places. When you eat abroad, its not just putting the food in your mouth. It's about sitting among the locals. It's listening to a foreign language and attempting to order in it. It's trying new flavors, textures and styles of cooking. And it's especially about adopting their food culture. You have to eat like the locals eat to truly appreciate their cuisine. THAT is what we all miss when we return to the States.

San Soo Gab San does a nice job of making the dining experience feel authentic. From the seating arrangements to the service, it was pretty spot on. The only thing it was missing..... metal chop sticks!!

The food was great and it was a good place for a large (15 people) group of friends. The restaurant boasts 20 side dishes, which was a wonderful reminder of all the delicious Korean spices and varieties of kimchi. Ohh I love kimchi. I especially love kimchi grilled. Give it a try if you never have. And don't worry we ordered lots of soju and OB (Korean beer) to wash it all down.

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