Blokes and Birds

Another awesome public house find in Chicago.

3343 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60657
With summer quickly approaching, and the farmer's market about to open... I'm almost ready to debut my newest project. For this super secret project I need some business cards and fliers. And, it just so happens my BFFL is the best designer/artist in the world! Check out her blog and Etsy site to see more of her work.

Anyhow, I met Erin at Blokes & Birds for some good food and to start getting a design ready for my fliers.

Don't be scared of the location of this newly opened (November 2010) pub on the edge of Wrigleyville. You don't feel for a second like you could be trampled at any moment by a riled up Cubs fan or drunk college kid. They have an amazing beer list (I got a Dortmunder ♥ gotta stick to your roots).  They also boast a fantastic menu full of English style pub food.

Erin and I went with classic dishes, Shepard's Pie and Fish and Chips. Boy, was it delicious. Check out how giant my dish was. I finished it. Oops!

Best part of the meal? The complimentary Creme Brulee from the owner himself, Daily Webb. That's a way to take care of your guests (especially guests that blog about your restaurant)! We'll definitely be back for more. By far the best pub food and bar in Wrigleyville.

Creme Brulee. Devoured.
Stay tuned for my awesome summer project I have coming up.... I can't wait!!

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