Oye Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for OYSTERS!

It's oyster season and Michael Kornick (of DMK and MK) is at it again. His newest restaurant, Fish Bar didn't disappoint. The food was great, and the service and ambiance were even better.

You immediately love this place when you walk in. There's no way you couldn't. It is just a bar... with drinks and food. No tables. You sit down and the awesome bartenders/food-tenders are putting food and drinks down every few minutes. So, I'm really glad we went before this place blows up, because you're about to be waiting a mile down the street to get in...especially since summer is right around the corner :)

We tried a bit of everything: Soup, Raw, Shell, Fried... didn't get to anything on a bun, but word on the street is it's awesome.

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