Bistronomic for Chicago's Chef Week 2011
(Oops we didn't order from the Chef's Week Menu! Everything looked so good!)

Glazed Short Rib
Confit of red cabbage / Bacon lardons / Orange zest

My dad comes to Chicago every few weeks for work, and over the past couple of years it's been difficult to see him due to my crazy travel schedules. Until now! Now I get to hang out with my dad whenever he comes. Woohoo!

I've been hearing about Bistronomic over the past month (it just opened in early February), and wanted to check it out. I originally made plans to go for the Chef's Week menu with my boyfriend on Friday, but we're going to see my friend, Meredith, dance with her Company at the Harris Theatre instead.

So I decided to take Dad during the week! We started out at the awesome bar in the back. I got a great Bordeaux and my dad got his usual, whiskey with a twist. My mouth was watering smelling all the delicious food being delivered.

So serious Dad...
Looking at the menu made me a little nervous. Does that ever happen to anyone? There were small, medium and large plates. Specials. Chef's Week. Cheeses and Wines. OH MY! So much goodness to choose from. How to pick!? We ruled out the Chef's Week Menu because it was too limiting. And finally made some decisions.

Started out with a lovely cheese flight of Meadow creek crayson (way too strong for us),  Nancy’s Hudson valley camembert (YUMM- like blue cheese butter) and Marieke Gouda. Gouda, oh how I love you. Smoked or not.

Moving on... Black Mussels in a Basil purée with Brioche and Piquillo pepper. Yumm. Mussels drenched in a pesto-ish soup... Yes. Please.

I got the melt-in-your-mouth short ribs (pictured above). It was heavenly. Maybe I'm just biased because I'm enjoying meat so much these days, after depriving myself for two years, but it was REALLY good.

Dad went with the Amish Chicken Breast and I stole a few bites from him. Also, excellent. Looks like I may have found a new favorite....

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