Hello Filet, I've Missed You Dearly ♥

Cafe des Architects for Chicago Restaurant Week

beet root vinaigrette / whole grain mustard / fingerling potatoes
Nichols Farm Leeks

Brian and I tried out Cafe des Architects for our first restautant of Chicago's Restaurant Week, this past weekend. We were slightly disappointed. I had the leek salad (above) for the appetizer, the Beef Filet with peppercorn sauce, mushrooms and shallots for my main course, and the Chocolat Moelleux for dessert. We thought it was all pretty bland. BUT, please note that I ate a beef filet (which was actually pretty delicious). Now that I'm out of vegetarianism (I made it 2 whole years before I broke down), I'm slowly working my way back in. This was a big step.

If you ask my dad what I would order when I was a kid, he would say a bloody steak. So they were shocked when I decided to give up meat. Anyways, funny story... I never missed a spelling word in 2nd grade, yea no biggie. So, my teacher decided to take me out to dinner as a reward. Little did she know I would order the filet. Whooopsie daisey. Mom didn't teach me very good manners :) Moral of the story, I'm back on the meat side of life and loving it.

Coming up this weekend.... Mercadito for my friend Jason's birthday and Osteria via Stato to finish off Restaurant week.

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