You probably noticed that Brian and I were just in London and Dublin thanks to Instagram. Work sent me over there, and Brian was able to come along as he was in between projects of his own. I can't tell you how happy I was that he could come along. I've been to some pretty great places, but nothing is ever as much fun if you're alone.

While I worked most days, Brian did lots of exploring around the city. I'd get off work and meet him to try some fun restaurant and have a few drinks. We were lucky enough to get to spend 2 weekends in London, so shopping at Harrods, walking around neighborhoods, perusing Portobello Market and lots and lots of eating were on the itinerary.

Take a peek at our restaurant and fun list -- we ate at some really awesome restaurants. Next up is Dublin, so stay tuned!

Chor Bizarre - Fancy (but delicious) Indian
Bill's - Lunch and Dinner spot (afternoon coffee or great dinner)
Ember Yard - Tapas Basque-style grill (our favorite)
Antidote Wine Bar - Charcuterie and wine
Fernandez and Wells - Sandwiches
Barnyard - "Modern British" (best chicken wings ever)
Portobello Market - Antique Market and Food Stands
The Spice Shop - Awesome spice market at Portobello Market
Côte Brasserie - Chain brasserie
Harrod's - Rotisserie (fun stop while shopping)
The Market Tavern - Fish and Chips and other British Fare
Salt Yard - Charcuterie Bar (Sister restaurant to Ember Yard)



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